Potato soup

Potato soup



  • cream cheese - 2 pkg
  • water
  • bunch green onions - 1 item
  • Velveeta, cubed - 1 lb
  • Canadian bacon - 1 pkg
  • 1/2 bags hash browns - 1 item

How to make potato soup:

Boil together all ingredients, except Velveeta, until smooth, approximately 5 to 10 minutes; stir occasionally. Turn off heat. Add 1 pound Velveeta cheese, cubed. Stir well. Serve. Yum!

This recipe is wonderful on rainy days!

Recipe categories: Potato, Vegetables, Soups & stews.

Potato soup
Average rating: 3.7 of 5, total votes: 3
Cook. Time: PT40M
Total Time: PT40M

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