Vegetable soup

Vegetable soup



  • salt - 1 tsp
  • pepper - 1 tsp
  • onion, chopped - 1 item
  • large potatoes, diced - 4 item
  • cans mixed vegetables - 2 item
  • chuck roast, cut up - 1 lb
  • can tomato soup, mixed with 1 can water - 1 item
  • bunches carrots, peeled and sliced round - 2 item
  • dash or 2 of ketchup

How to make vegetable soup:

Combine meat, onion, seasonings, carrots and soup. Cook for 2 hours. Add mixed vegetables, potatoes and ketchup. Cook until meat and vegetables are ready.

Recipe categories: < 4 hours, Weeknight, Soups & stews.

Vegetable soup
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Cook. Time: PT3H20M
Total Time: PT3H20M

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