Chicken enchiladas

Chicken enchiladas



  • milk - 1/4 c
  • sour cream - 1 pt
  • cooked chicken - 2 c
  • can cream of chicken soup - 1 item
  • chopped green onions - 1/4 c
  • Cheddar cheese, grated - 2 c
  • tortillas corn - 8 item

How to make chicken enchiladas:

Fry eight tortillas in frying pan with 1 tablespoon of oil until soft. Roll chicken, cheese and onions into tortillas. Mix sour cream, soup and a little milk. Pour a little mixture on the bottom of a 9 x 13-inch pan. Put in the enchiladas and pour the rest of the mixture on top. Top with cheese. Bake at 350° for 30 minutes.

Recipe categories: Chicken, Main dish, Poultry.

Chicken enchiladas
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Cook. Time: PT45M
Total Time: PT45M

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