Punch bowl cake

Punch bowl cake



  • large container Cool Whip - 1 item
  • vanilla instant pudding - 2 pkg
  • frozen strawberries - 2 c
  • large box strawberry Jell-O - 1 item
  • angel food cake - 1 item
  • strawberry glaze - 1 pkg

How to make punch bowl cake:

Bake cake as directed; split to make 3 layers. Dissolve Jell-O in two cups boiling water. Add 2 cups strawberries, juice and strawberry glaze. Place in refrigerator until mixture thickens. Mix pudding as directed. Place 1 layer of cake in bowl, layer of Jell-O mixture and a layer of pudding. Repeat until all is used. Top with Cool Whip.

Recipe categories: Desserts, Cakes, Cheese.

Punch bowl cake
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Cook. Time: PT25M
Total Time: PT25M

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