Apple strudel

Apple strudel



  • sugar - 3/4 c
  • cinnamon - 3/4 tsp
  • chopped nuts - 1/2 c
  • nutmeg - 1/4 tsp
  • raisins - 1/2 c
  • lemon juice - 2 Tbsp
  • butter, melted - 2/3 c
  • fine dry bread crumbs - 1/2 c
  • cornstarch or flour - 2 Tbsp
  • sheets phyllo - 5 item
  • to 5 apples, peeled and sliced Granny Smith - 4 item
  • brandy Amaretto - 1/4 c

How to make apple strudel:

In a saucepan, combine apples, brandy, raisins, sugar, cinnamon and nutmeg. Add a little water to cook over low heat, steaming apples. Cook apples until they are tender but not mushy. Mix the cornstarch or flour with the lemon juice and add to apples. Cook until liquid is clear. Set aside to cool.

Place phyllo on board. Brush with melted butter. Layer another sheet on top and butter. Continue to layer balance of sheets. Place the apples on the narrow side of the sheets and fold over once. Brush butter on top of rolled section and balance of phyllo. Sprinkle with combined chopped nuts and bread crumbs. Tuck in the side ends and finish rolling. Place on pan. Brush top of strudel with butter. Cut 1/4-inch deep, slashed 1-inch apart, diagonally. Bake at 375° for 40 minutes. To serve, sprinkle with confectioners sugar. Freezes well.

Recipe categories: Desserts, Fruit, Apple.

Apple strudel
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