Teriyaki steak

Teriyaki steak



  • sugar - 1 Tbsp
  • oil - 2 Tbsp
  • ground ginger - 1 tsp
  • soy sauce - 1/2 c
  • boneless chuck steak - 2 2
  • crushed clove of garlic - 1 item

How to make teriyaki steak:

Cut steak into 1/8-inch thick slices. Combine remaining ingredients in small bowl. Place meat in slow-cooking pot. Pour sauce over meat. Cover pot. Cook on low for 6 to 8 hours. Serve with rice. Makes 5 to 6 servings.

Recipe categories: Main dish, Meat, Beef.

Teriyaki steak
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Cook. Time: PT20M
Total Time: PT20M

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