Sweet pickles

Sweet pickles



  • sugar - 10 lb
  • salt - 2 c
  • water - 1 gal
  • cucumbers - 16 lb
  • powdered alum - 6 oz
  • cauliflowers - 2 item
  • box pickling spice in cloth - 1 item

How to make sweet pickles:

Mix salt and water. Soak whole cucumbers in brine water for 14 days. Wash, slice and soak overnight in alum water. Rinse and soak overnight in vinegar. Pour off vinegar. Add sugar and spice in cloth to cucumbers and let stand. The sugar will make plenty of syrup to cover the pickles. The pickles are never heated and sealing is not necessary. Will be ready in 2 to 3 weeks. If you want to add cauliflower, break in small pieces and put in brine water with cucumbers.

Recipe categories: American, Condiments, etc., Vegetables.

Sweet pickles
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