Strawberry salad

Strawberry salad

Strawberry salad

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  • boiling water - 2 c
  • small box strawberry Jell-O - 1 item
  • small box instant vanilla pudding - 1 item
  • regular box Tapioca pudding - 1 item
  • bag strawberries, drained - 1 item
  • whipped topping, thawed - 1 container

How to make strawberry salad:

Mix together Jell-O and pudding mixes, add 2 cups boiling water. Let stand until jelled. Add strawberries. Add whipped topping. Mix well. Refrigerate.

Recipe categories: Strawberry, Salads, Berries.

Strawberry salad
Average rating: 4 of 5, total votes: 4
Cook. Time: PT30M
Total Time: PT30M

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graham cracker crumbs, pkg, hot water, strawberry jello, pineapple tid bits drained, butter, melted, crushed pretzels, strawberries with hulls intact, regular or 1 large strawberry jello
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