Yum-yum cake

Yum-yum cake



  • pkg - 1 oz
  • container Cool Whip - 1 (8
  • box yellow cake mix - 1 item
  • can pineapple - 1 item

How to make yum-yum cake:

Mix and bake cake as instructed on box, baking in large, deep cookie sheet. Set aside and cool completely.

Mix pineapple with cheese and Cool Whip, pour on top of cake, and refrigerate for a while before serving. If you like, 1 can sliced pineapple can be on top of this too with cherry or strawberry in center of each slice.

Recipe categories: Desserts, Cakes, Pineapple.

Yum-yum cake
Average rating: 3.4 of 5, total votes: 8
Cook. Time: PT45M
Total Time: PT45M

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