Veal stew

Veal stew

Veal stew

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  • flour
  • water - 3/4 c
  • bay leaf - 1 item
  • salt and pepper to taste - 1 item
  • veal, cut in cubes - 2 lb
  • sweet butter - 2 3
  • or less wine - 1 c
  • coarsely chopped Italian parsley - 3 tsp
  • whole peeled garlic cloves - 2 item
  • small mushrooms, cleaned - 2 doz
  • pearl onions, peeled - 1 doz

How to make veal stew:

In a heavy casserole, brown the veal in the butter. Add the wine, water, parsley, garlic, bay leaf and salt and pepper. Cover and simmer for two hours. Check occasionally and add more wine and water (two parts water to one part wine) as needed. After the two hours, mix the flour with a little of cooking liquid, then add it back into the stew. Add the mushrooms and the onions and simmer for an additional thirty minutes. Serve with thick slices of good, warm, crusty bread and perhaps a salad.

Recipe categories: Main dish, Stew, Veal.

Veal stew
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