Tomato bread

Tomato bread



  • salt - 1 item
  • olive oil - 1 item
  • loaf French or Italian bread - 1 item
  • to 4 fresh tomatoes - 3 item
  • to 5 peeled garlic cloves - 4 item

How to make tomato bread:

Slice bread lengthwise into 2 halves. Toast in oven. Rub garlic cloves over toasted bread. (Use bread to grate garlic into it.) Cut tomatoes in half and crush meat of tomato into the bread. Sprinkle with olive oil and salt. Grill in oven 2 to 3 minu

Recipe categories: Breads, Grains, Yeast breads.

Tomato bread
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Cook. Time: PT3H40M
Total Time: PT3H40M

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