Taco dip

Taco dip



  • small onion, chopped - 1 item
  • green pepper, chopped - 1/2 item
  • taco seasoning mix - 1/2 1
  • sharp Cheddar cheese, grated
  • Mozzarella cheese, grated - 5 oz
  • cooked ground beef, drained
  • can green chili peppers, chopped - 1 oz
  • can tomatoes, drained and chopped - 1 oz
  • Velveeta cheese, grated freeze for easy grating - 1/2 lb

How to make taco dip:

Cheese Mixture:1/4 lb. sharp Cheddar cheese, grated1/2 lb. Velveeta cheese, grated (freeze for easy grating)5 oz. Mozzarella cheese, grated In medium casserole, layer meat mixture and then cheese mixture, then meat mixture, then cheese mixture. Sprinkle top very lightly with garlic powder, chili powder and Tabasco. Bake at 350° for 35 to 40 minutes. Serve with Mexican style chips.

Recipe categories: Appetizers, Dips, Tex Mex.

Taco dip
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Cook. Time: PT35M
Total Time: PT35M

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