Taco dip

Taco dip

Taco dip

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  • sour cream
  • Cheddar cheese - 1 item
  • can refried beans - 1 item
  • taco mix
  • Onion, sliced - 1 item
  • Cucumbers, sliced - 1 item
  • Black olives, sliced - 1 item
  • Taco sauce - 1 item
  • Green pepper, sliced - 1 item

How to make taco dip:

On a platter, make layers: 1st layer is refried beans. 2nd layer, combine sour cream, mayo and taco mix. Pour over refried beans. 3rd layer, put sliced vegetables. 4th layer, add taco sauce and cheddar cheese.

Recipe categories: Appetizers, Dips, Tex Mex.

Taco dip
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Cook. Time: PT35M
Total Time: PT35M

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