Stuffed chicken breasts

Stuffed chicken breasts



  • melted butter - 3 Tbsp
  • paprika - 1/4 tsp
  • salt and pepper - 1 item
  • olive oil - 3 Tbsp
  • minced parsley - 2 Tbsp
  • dry bread crumbs - 1/2 c
  • grated Swiss cheese - 1/2 c
  • whole chicken breasts, skinned and boned - 6 item
  • green onions with tops, chopped - 3 item
  • butter room temperature - 1/4 c

How to make stuffed chicken breasts:

Place chicken breasts between 2 sheets of waxed paper and pound out. Blend cheese, crumbs, parsley, onions and 1/4 cup butter. Shape into 6 balls. Season inside of each chicken breast with salt and pepper. Place stuffing ball at one end of each breast. Turn long sides of breast toward center just enough to make a neat fold. Roll up each breast as for a jellyroll. Secure ends with skewers or toothpicks. Brush rolls with oil and butter and sprinkle with paprika. Arrange on medium-hot grill. Cover and cook 15 minutes. Brush with oil and butter; turn and brush again. Cover and continue cooking about 10 minutes more or until done. Brush with oil and butter again just before serving. Top with packaged mushroom sauce, if desired.

Recipe categories: Chicken, Main dish, Poultry.

Stuffed chicken breasts
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