Strawberry salad

Strawberry salad



  • chopped nuts - 1/2 c
  • boiling water
  • strawberry jello
  • small can crushed pineapple - 1 item
  • container sour cream - 1 item
  • bananas, mashed - 2 item
  • frozen strawberries, thawed and mashed - 1 pkg

How to make strawberry salad:

Dissolve jello in boiling water. When cool add pineapple, bananas, strawberries and nuts. Pour half of the mixture into mold or dish. Let congeal. Spread over this 1 container of sour cream. Return to refrigerator and chill. Then pour over the sour cream the rest of the strawberry mixture and congeal.

Note: All of the mixture can be put in mold or bowl and put sour cream on top.

Recipe categories: Strawberry, Salads, Berries.

Strawberry salad
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Cook. Time: PT30M
Total Time: PT30M

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