Steak salad

Steak salad



  • honey
  • Dijon mustard - 2 Tbsp
  • mayonnaise - 4 Tbsp
  • flank steak - 1/2 item
  • head romaine lettuce, torn - 1 item
  • handful mesculan baby salad greens, optional - 1 item

How to make steak salad:

Dressing:2 Tbsp. honey2 Tbsp. Dijon mustard4 Tbsp. mayonnaise Grill flank steak over high heat for 6 minutes per side. Remove to a cutting board and allow to rest at least 10 minutes. Wash and dry salad greens. Place in a large platter or individual plates. Make dressing by combining the honey, mustard and mayonnaise in a small bowl. Cut the flank steak across the grain into thin slices. Arrange on top of salad greens and drizzle with dressing.

Variations: Chopped or cherry tomatoes are also delicious on this salad. Fried chicken breast, sliced thinly, may be used instead of the steak for a "Charleston Salad."

Recipe categories: Salads, Beef, Steak.

Steak salad
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Cook. Time: PT45M
Total Time: PT45M

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