Spinach bread dip

Spinach bread dip



  • pkg - 10 oz
  • sour cream - 1 c
  • mayonnaise - 1 c
  • can water chestnuts, diced - 5 oz
  • dry Knorr vegetable soup mix - 1 pkg
  • round loaf bread corn rye or sourdough, not sliced - 1 item

How to make spinach bread dip:

Hollow out bread, making a bowl with 1-inch sides. Cut removed bread in small chunks. Mix remaining ingredients and chill several hours. Serve in bread with bread chunks and fresh vegetables all around. When dip is gone, break "bread bowl" into chunks

Recipe categories: Holiday, Appetizers, Dips.

Spinach bread dip
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Cook. Time: PT20M
Total Time: PT20M

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