Sour cream ganache frosting

Sour cream ganache frosting

Sour cream ganache frosting

Sour cream ganache frosting photo 1


  • bars bittersweet chocolate Lindt-Excellence recommended - 4 (3
  • sour cream, at room temperature

How to make sour cream ganache frosting:

In a double boiler set over hot water or in a microwave on High power, stirring every 10 seconds, melt the chocolate. Remove from the heat and add the sour cream. Stir with a rubber spatula until uniform in color. If the pan feels warm, transfer to a bowl.

Use at once or store and when ready to use, soften by placing the bowl in a water bath or in a microwave for a few seconds, stirring gently. Store 3 weeks refrigerated, 6 months frozen.

Recipe categories: Chocolate, Microwave, 5 ingredients or less, Sweet, French, Oamc/freezer/make ahead, Refrigerator, Fillings and frostings chocolate, Freezer.

Sour cream ganache frosting
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