Seven layer salad

Seven layer salad

Seven layer salad

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  • sugar - 2 mayonnaise
  • cup thinly sliced celery - 1 item
  • cups shredded lettuce 1 head - 4 item
  • cup chopped broccoli - 1 item
  • cup thinly sliced onion - 1 item
  • slices bacon, fried and crumbled - 10 item
  • cup mozzarella cheese, grated - 1 item
  • cup sharp cheddar cheese, grated - 1/2 item

How to make seven layer salad:

Layer vegetables as listed. Top with crumbled bacon. Mix mayonnaise and cheeses. Spread on top of salad. Cover tightly and refrigerate overnight.

Recipe categories: American, Salads, Vegetables.

Seven layer salad
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Cook. Time: PT8H20M
Total Time: PT8H20M

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