• bunch green onions - 1 item
  • small can chopped black olives - 1 item
  • large can whole tomatoes - 1 item
  • small can Ortega diced chilies hot - 1 item

How to make salsa:

Chop whole tomatoes to desired size; return to juice. Mix with olives. Chop green onions into small size pieces. Use some of the tops; add to mixture. Use 1 1/2 rounded teaspoons of chilies; add to mixture. Add more chilies by small amount to make hotter. Prepare in the evening, reserving chilies. Add chilies to the mixture the morning of the event.

Recipe categories: Appetizers, Sauces, Salsas.

Average rating: 4.3 of 5, total votes: 3
Cook. Time: PT2H30M
Total Time: PT2H30M

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