Potato candy

Potato candy

Potato candy

Potato candy photo 1
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  • box powdered sugar - 1 item
  • potato - 1 item
  • crunch or creamy peanut butter - 1 item

How to make potato candy:

Use a small peeled potato or if using a large potato, cut it down to the size of a golf ball (about 1/4 cup). Boil potato until done. Then drain and put in a bowl.

Mash potato with hand and add powdered sugar, kneading and stirring until a stiff dough forms. This will take almost the whole box of sugar.

Sprinkle powdered sugar onto wax paper and roll dough out. Spread peanut butter evenly on dough. "Jelly roll" dough and peanut butter. Cover and refrigerate. Slice into desired width.

Recipe categories: Desserts, Candy, Potato.

Potato candy
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