Pineapple salad

Pineapple salad



  • sugar - 1/2 c
  • cornstarch
  • eggs, beaten - 2 item
  • bananas - 1 item
  • marshmallows - 1 item
  • large can sliced pineapple, cut in chunks and drained save juice - 1 item

How to make pineapple salad:

Custard:2 Tbsp. cornstarch1/2 c. sugar2 eggs, beaten Custard: Cook the cornstarch, sugar and eggs in the juice of pineapple to a thick paste. Pour over fruit, when cool. (Use as many marshmallows and bananas as you want.)

Recipe categories: Pineapple, Salads, Tropical fruits.

Pineapple salad
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Cook. Time: PT1H15M
Total Time: PT1H15M

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