Peanut butter logs

Peanut butter logs

Peanut butter logs

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  • graham cracker crumbs - 1 c
  • raisins - 1 c
  • honey - 1 c
  • creamy peanut butter - 1 c
  • instant nonfat dry milk - 1 c

How to make peanut butter logs:

Blend peanut butter, honey, and dry milk. Add raisins and mix well. Stir in graham cracker crumbs. Roll teaspoonful of mixture on wax paper to shape in logs. Refrigerate one hour. Make about 50.

Recipe categories: Desserts, Cookie and brownie, Bar cookie.

Peanut butter logs
Average rating: 3.9 of 5, total votes: 9
Cook. Time: PT5M
Total Time: PT5M

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