Orange tapioca salad

Orange tapioca salad



  • water - 3 c
  • can mandarin oranges - 1 item
  • box small orange jello - 1 item
  • box small vanilla pudding not instant - 1 item
  • box small vanilla tapioca pudding - 1 item
  • Dream Whip made according to directions on pkg - 1 pkg

How to make orange tapioca salad:

Mix boxes of jello pudding together. Add them to 3 cups boiling water and bring mixture to a boil. Let cool and when it thickens, fold in Dream Whip and oranges (drain the juice first). Chill in refrigerator.

Recipe categories: Desserts, Lunch/snacks, Salads.

Orange tapioca salad
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Cook. Time: PT2H8M
Total Time: PT2H8M

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