Meat pie

Meat pie



  • salt and pepper to taste - 1 item
  • hamburger - 1 1
  • to 5 large potatoes, diced or more to stretch recipe peel if desired - 4 item
  • Jiffy baking mix or Bisquick - 1 item

How to make meat pie:

Use stove top to oven-safe stock pot or large casserole dish.

In large frying pan, brown hamburger. Add salt and pepper to taste (any other desired spices). In separate large stock pot, boil potatoes. When soft, drain off 1/4 water. Add hamburger to pot or transfer all to large casserole dish. Fix enough biscuits to cover meat and potatoes in pan. (Make sure liquid in pan is boiling when you place biscuits on top.) Place in oven and bake according to biscuit instructions.

Recipe categories: Main dish, One Dish meal, Savory pies.

Meat pie
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