• water - 1 c
  • garlic powder - 1 item
  • grated Parmesan cheese - 1/2 c
  • can stewed tomatoes - 1 oz
  • ground beef - 1 lb
  • salt and pepper to taste - 1 item
  • oregano
  • onion, chopped - 1 item
  • thin noodles - 1/2 pkg
  • small jar spaghetti sauce - 1 item

How to make marzetti:

Brown beef and onion. Add remaining ingredients, being generous with the garlic powder. Simmer all until noodles are done. Stir it frequently to keep from sticking. Serves 4 generously. Leftovers are microwavable if larger batch is desired.

Recipe categories: Main dish, Casseroles, One Dish meal.

Average rating: 3 of 5, total votes: 5
Cook. Time: PT55M
Total Time: PT55M

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Related ingredients:
pkg, cooking oil, chopped onions, spaghetti sauce, ham, medium head cabbage, 10 cans crushed tomatoes, cooked turkey breast, cut in strips, bread crumbs may have to add more, dough per person
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