Hot pepper jelly

Hot pepper jelly



  • sugar - 6 c
  • vinegar
  • small bell peppers - 4 item
  • red or green food coloring - 1 tsp
  • hot peppers can increase amount - 4 item
  • box Certo 2 pouches - 1 item

How to make hot pepper jelly:

Remove stem and seeds from bell peppers. Put 1/2 peppers and 1/2 vinegar in blender and puree. Pour in pot and repeat with other half of peppers and vinegar. Pour in pot with other peppers and vinegar. Bring to a boil and boil for 5 minutes. Add food coloring. Remove from heat and add Certo. Boil 2 minutes. Skim and pour into jelly glasses. Allow glasses to cool before pouring 1/4-inch of paraffin on top.

You can use all red peppers and no food coloring if you wish.

Recipe categories: Condiments, etc., Vegetables, Jellies.

Hot pepper jelly
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Total Time: PT40M

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