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  • salt - 1 item
  • Crisco - 1 item
  • paprika - 1 item
  • pepper - 1 item
  • ground beef - 3 lb
  • chopped olives - 1 c
  • hard-boiled eggs - 8 item
  • whole eggs - 3 item
  • cumin powder - 1 item
  • large onions - 4 item
  • Add the meat once the onions are cooked and stir
  • hot water and salt to make the dough - 1 item

How to make empanadas:

In hot Crisco cook, not brown, chopped onions. Add the meat once the onions are cooked and stir. Do not cook the meat at this time. (Take pan off stove.) Add the condiments and set aside. Let cool this mixture a while. Then add the chopped eggs and olives.Dough: about 3 1/2 lb. flour3 whole eggs4 Tbsp. Crisco hot water and salt to make the dough Make a hole in the middle of the flour and start mixing in Crisco, then add whole eggs and mix in the hot water and salt combination to make the dough. Divide dough in three portions and wrap in wax paper. Let it rest a few minutes. Roll out dough quite thin and use a small dish to cut out the circles.

Put mixture of meat in little dough circles; wet 1/2 of circle and close up the empanadas tightly. Do edge as you can, pinching the edges or use a fork to close up the empanadas tightly. Deep fry in very hot fat until brown.

Recipe categories: Lunch/snacks, Appetizers, Main dish.

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Cook. Time: PT1H48M
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