Cheese ball

Cheese ball



  • Philadelphia cream cheese - 2 pkg
  • ham - 1 pkg
  • onions - 1/2 c
  • Italian dressing - 3 4

How to make cheese ball:

Leave Philadelphia cream cheese out for 2 or 3 hours to soften. Then put in a bowl, add shredded ham, Italian dressing and onions. Mix well. Form into a ball and chill. Roll in pecans; serve with crackers. Sprinkle parsley over the top or set the cheese ball on lettuce leaves. For a party, it is a quick, filling snack, or use for an appetizer. Can make it with many variations. You can use any kind of meat and crackers or you may garnish it.

Recipe categories: Appetizers, Cheese, Spreads.

Cheese ball
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Cook. Time: PT15M
Total Time: PT15M

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