• water - 1/2 c
  • all-purpose flour - 1 c
  • salt optional - 1/4 tsp
  • shortening or any kind of oil - 1 item

How to make chapati:

Knead the dough as you would pizza dough, only this time with only flour and water. You may add or reduce the water or flour to make a soft nonsticky dough. The softer the better. Using a rolling pin, spread small piece of dough to make it flat and circular. Spread some oil on it, as we do donuts. After rolling, spread it again and lay it on a cooking pan (should be heavy). Cook one side until it has brown spots. Turn it and apply some oil. When the other side is brown, do the same. Turn again and cook both sides until golden brown. Store in a tight place. Keep them warm and soft. Serve warm with chicken or beef (or any) soup.

Recipe categories: Breads, Main dish, Flat Shaped breads.

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