Catfish stew and rice

Catfish stew and rice



  • water - 3 c
  • salt and pepper to taste - 1 item
  • hot cooked rice - 1 item
  • large onion, chopped - 1 item
  • chopped garlic - 1 Tbsp
  • small head cabbage, chopped - 1/2 item
  • large tomatoes, chopped - 2 item
  • medium potatoes, diced - 2 item
  • fresh, boneless catfish fillets, halved - 4 item

How to make catfish stew and rice:

Combine water, potatoes, onion and garlic in large pot. Cook on high heat for 15 minutes. Lower heat. Add cabbage, tomatoes, salt and pepper. Cook 10 minutes. Add catfish. Cook 15 minutes. Remove from heat. Serve over rice. Makes 6 servings.

Recipe categories: Fish, Catfish, Freshwater fish.

Catfish stew and rice
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Cook. Time: PT55M
Total Time: PT55M

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