Buffalo wings

Buffalo wings

Buffalo wings

Buffalo wings photo 1
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  • bottled hot pepper sauce
  • 1/2 cups bottled chili sauce - 1 item
  • bottle of ranch salad dressing - 1 item

How to make buffalo wings:

Cut off and discard wing tips. Cut each wing into 2 sections. Place chicken on the unseated rack of a boiler pan. Broil 4-5 inches form the heat about 10 minutes or until chicken is browned., turning once. Transfer chicken to a 4 quart cooker. Combine chilli sauce and hot pepper sauce, pour over wings. Cover and cook on low heat for 4-5 hours or high heat 2-2 1/2 hours. Serve chicken with Ranch salad dressing. Makes 32 appetizers.

Recipe categories: Appetizers, Main dish, Chicken wing.

Buffalo wings
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Cook. Time: PT45M
Total Time: PT45M

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