Baked zucchini casserole

Baked zucchini casserole



  • pkg - 1 oz
  • bread crumbs - 1 c
  • salt and pepper - 1 item
  • finely diced onion - 1/2 c
  • finely diced green pepper - 1/2 c
  • chopped ripe tomatoes - 1 c

How to make baked zucchini casserole:

Wash and cut squash in 1/4-inch thick pieces. Line bottom of dish with same and add part of bread cubes, tomatoes, pepper, onion, a layer of cheese and salt and pepper to taste. Repeat procedure with cheese on top. Bake 1 hour at 350°.

Recipe categories: Squash, Side dish, Casseroles.

Baked zucchini casserole
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Cook. Time: PT1H15M
Total Time: PT1H15M

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