Baked mashed potatoes

Baked mashed potatoes

Baked mashed potatoes

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  • sour cream - 1/2 pt
  • butter - 1 Tbsp
  • paprika - 1 item
  • onion salt - 1 tsp
  • pepper to taste - 1 item
  • cottage cheese small curd - 1/2 pt
  • to 10 large potatoes - 8 item

How to make baked mashed potatoes:

Peel, boil and drain the potatoes. In large bowl, beat the potatoes until smooth. Add the sour cream, cottage cheese, onion salt and pepper and beat again to mix well. Ignore the lumps from the cottage cheese. They will disappear in the baking. Spread the potato mixture in the well-greased 13 x 9-inch baking dish. Top with butter and sprinkle with paprika. At this point, you can go ahead and bake the potatoes or you can refrigerate them for up to 24 hours. Bake in a 350° oven for 1/2 hour (45 minutes if they have been in the refrigerator). Serves 10 to 12.

Recipe categories: Side dish, Potato, Vegetables.

Baked mashed potatoes
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Total Time: PT40M

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