Apricot salad

Apricot salad

Apricot salad

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  • sour cream - 1 pt
  • plain gelatin - 1 pkg
  • apricot gelatin - 2 pkg
  • large can crushed pineapple packed in its own juice, drain well keeping juice - 1 item
  • large cans apricots, drain well keeping juice - 2 item

How to make apricot salad:

Dissolve both gelatins in 3 cups juice from cans of pineapple and apricots. Cool. Mash apricots (blender or automatic mixer). Mix with pineapple and sour cream. Add to cool gelatin. Mix and pour into mold or molds. Serves 24.

Recipe categories: Fruit, Low sodium, Salads.

Apricot salad
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Total Time: PT6H

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