Small orange

Here is list of 30 with small orange used in cooking.

oven stew

salt and pepper to tastebasilcan watercans tomato soupcooked hamburgershredded cheese optionalto 3 sliced carrotsto 6 medium sliced potatoes

Spread hamburger in bottom of casserole dish. Place sliced potatoes...



sugarbaking powderpinch of saltnuts optionalsticks oleochocolatevanilla optionaleggs unbeatenflour unsifted

Melt chocolate and oleo in saucepan or microwave. Allow to cool to...

toffee butter crunch

sugarbutterwaterlight corn syrupcoarsely chopped pecansfinely chopped pecans or almondssemi-sweet or milk chocolate pieces

Sprinkle the 1/2 cup coarsely chopped nuts on the bottom...