Ground beef or ground turkey

Here is list of 136 with ground beef or ground turkey used in cooking.

fruit salad

small jar maraschino cherriesbag marshmallowscans sliced peachescontainers sour creamlarge cans chunk pineapplelarge cans mandarin orangesor 2 cans pears

Mix all together and refrigerate....


baked apples

cinnamonbrown sugarbutterapples

Core apples. Pierce skin. Place in 2-quart glass dish. Spoon...

creamy cole slaw

milkvinegarsalt and pepper to tastemayonnaisecelery seedsugar may substitute NutraSweet

Mix together. Add small package slaw mix....


almond tea

sugarvanillawateralmond extractboiling watertea 4 bagscan frozen orange juice add water as directedcan frozen lemonade add water as directed

Steep tea in 2 cups boiling water for 5 minutes....


beet jelly

sugarlemon juiceraspberry Jell-Obeet juiceSure-Jell

Mix lemon juice, Sure-Jell and beet juice; cook to hard...

quaker oatmeal cookies

eggsvanillagranulated sugarmilkbaking sodaall-purpose flourfirmly packed brown sugarsalt optionalQuaker oatsmargarine or butter, softened 2 sticks

Heat oven to 375°. Beat butter and sugars until creamy....


homemade ice cream

sugarvanillaeggs, beatencan sweetened condensed milkcan evaporated milk

Mix together until well blended. Fill to line in ice...

tangy fruit salad

sliced strawberries4 ozcan Mandarin oranges, drainedbananas, slicedcan pineapple chunkscan fruit cocktail, drainedjuice drained and reservedorange Tangapples or pears, cut in chunks

In a small bowl, combine pineapple juice, pudding mix and...

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