Graham crust

Here is list of 45 with graham crust used in cooking.

orange cottage cheese salad

Cool Whiplarge can crushed pineapple, drainedbox orange gelatinlarge container low-fat cottage cheesecans mandarin oranges, cut up

Mix all ingredients together, including dry gelatin. Chill before serving....


cajun dirty rice

stick margarinepaprikachicken brothclove garliccayenneblack pepperriceceleryonionsgreen onion topsgreen peppers some red peppers may be used

Bring to a boil; cover and simmer until tender. Add...


sugarcinnamoneggssaltflourbaking sodashorteningcream of tartarbutter, soft

Heat oven to 400°. Mix thoroughly butter, shortening, sugar and...


spaghetti meat sauce

ground beefcans tomato saucecan tomato pasteonions, choppedgreen pepper, choppedcan tomato juiceclove garlic, choppedcan mushroom soupcan mushroom piecescan bouillonstalks celery whole

Lightly brown meat in 1/4 cup olive oil; add onions,...

rye bread treats

hamburgerspicy sausageVelveeta cheeseoreganogarlic saltloaf cocktail rye bread

Brown sausage and hamburger; drain. Mix meat and spices; simmer....