Converted rice

Here is list of 98 with converted rice used in cooking.

five minute fudge

sugarsemi-sweet chocolatevanillasaltnuts, choppedmarshmallowsCarnation evaporated milk

Mix milk, sugar and salt in saucepan over medium heat....


pickled squash

sugarsaltvinegarsmall jar pimentoscelery seedonions, slicedmustard seedsquash, slicedbell peppers, sliced

Soak squash, peppers, onion and pimentos in ice water for...

chicken salad

saltpeppercelery, dicedchicken, cooked and dicedlettuce cupspeas, frozenonion, grated to tastemayo or less

Lightly mix all ingredients. Toss with mayo until evenly coated....


pound cake

sugareggsvanilla flavoringplain flourCriscoalmond flavoring

Cream sugar and Crisco. Add eggs, one at a time,...

pasta salad

spaghettidiced tomatodiced cucumberdiced green onionsbottle zesty italian dressingsalad supreme seasoning

Cook spaghetti as directed on package. Drain and rinse in...

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