Butter or margarine room temperature

Here is list of 59 with butter or margarine room temperature used in cooking.

dill dip

sour creamgarlic powderparsley flakessalt and pepper to tastemayonnaiseonion flakesdill weed

Mix well. Chill 24 hours. Enjoy....


orange julius

sugarvanillamilkwaterfrozen orange juicetray ice cubes

Put all ingredients together into the blender, then mix well....

chili-sausage supper

sugarpkgsour creamsaltwaterchili powderonion, finely choppedgreen pepper, choppedcan diced tomatoesbulk pork sausage

In a large skillet or an electric skillet, cook and...


hash brown casserole

sour creamchopped onioncan cream of chicken soupcheesebag hash brownscheese for top

Mix cheese, soup and sour cream, then add onion and...

meat loaf

ground beeffine dry bread crumbsegg, beatenmilkfinely chopped onionsaltpeppercatsup

Mix ground beef lightly with bread crumbs, egg, milk, onion,...


black walnut cookies

vanilla extractsaltflourbuttersodaegglight brown sugar, packedblack walnut flavoringblack walnuts

Cream butter. Add sugar gradually. Cream until light and fluffy....

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