Box elbow macaroni

Here is list of 154 with box elbow macaroni used in cooking.

party potatoes

cream cheesesour creamgarlic saltor 8 potatoes

Cream the potatoes, adding cream cheese, sour cream and garlic...


reuben casserole

butter, meltedchopped fresh parsleycaraway seedshredded Monterey Jack cheesecan sauerkraut, drainedThousand Island dressingthinly sliced corned beef

Heat oven to 375° in 8-inch square baking dish. Layer...

broccoli casserole

can cream of mushroom soupMinute ricefrozen broccolilarge onion, choppedstick oleostalks celery, choppedsmall jar Cheez Whiz

Cook rice according to directions and set aside. Cook broccoli...


egg strata

butterDijon mustardsausagesharp cheeseeggs with 1 cwhite bread with crusts cut off

Mix butter and Dijon mustard and spread on bread. Spread...

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